Phoebe is a wonderful teacher and person who had tremendous success with our 9-year-old sons...[She] instilled not only a love of piano but a love of music. She is a patient, kind, and thorough teacher. She teaches children how to play piano by both ear and reading sheet music; she also works on giving them exposure to perform in studio sessions. She is very positive in her feedback and encourages a growth-mindset toward learning to play.

-Ye W. (parent)

My child was a student of Phoebe's for almost a year and absolutely loved learning piano with Phoebe. We were new to starting music lessons and nervous about finding a good teacher, but Phoebe was excellent in working with our daughter to create a curriculum that was specifically tailored for her and made each lesson so enjoyable. We are so grateful to have worked with Phoebe and would absolutely recommend her to anyone for piano instruction!

-Chanel C. (parent)

Michael has been my son's teacher for about three years when my son was 7 years old. We found him from neighbors' recommendation. He is one of the best teachers I've ever seen!

He is not only a wonderfully talented musician himself, but also a patient, kind, and thorough instructor. He strikes a nice balance in terms of making the class fun and supportive while still keeping the student’s progress at a nice pace. He also inspired students in love with the beauty of the music. We were so happy to see the progress of my son after every class.

-Ru F. (parent)